Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012... Hello New Me!

This is the final few hours of 2012.  I can't believe that this year went by so fast.  I know that the years will only get faster from here on out and there are many many changes to be made.  No matter what, I will stick to this plan of mine.  I spoke to my mother today who has decided to take this journey with me and, for that, I am incredibly grateful.  I know that I won't have to go it alone and with her help (as well as me helping her), we will get through the year together!

So tonight, I say goodbye to another year.  I say goodbye to bad eating habits.  I say goodbye to poor choices.  Instead, I say hello to walks twice a week, lots of water, and a healthy new lifestyle.  I found this picture a while back and feel like now is the time to share it...

I'm not sure what the origin of this photo is but it's scary how true it is.  This is how I look, how I feel.  I need to see this picture every now and then to remind myself to stay on track.  I can't wait to be healthy and to look back on this post one year from tonight and say, "I did it!"  It will happen.  I have every faith in the world that my mother and I can do what we only dreamed of.  The year 2013 will be the year of transformation!  May 2013 be your year to accomplish greatness as well!  Keep moving forward and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is it

I have had it with being fat.  I realized a couple weeks ago that I have no motivation, no will power, and no room to do much of anything in my wee little apartment.  I'm not going to let that stop me though.  I am going to do this and I will not let anything hold me back.  I just found this picture today of what 100lbs of fat looks like just laying on a table.  I'm sad to say that it's just about that much that I would like to lose this year.  Here's the picture for those that are curious...

I know, it's not pretty.  And really, I'm not either with this lounging around on me.  I have lost weight before so, I KNOW that I am capable of doing it again.  This time though, I'm hoping to recruit my mother and possibly my sister and her husband as well.  I know that if we all support each other, we can accomplish anything together!

I also realized that I DO, in fact, have motivation.  My daughters.  My little girls who need their mother to be around for the next many decades to run, play, and have fun with.  I also want to do this for my own sanity and health as well.  And so, here is a "before" picture:

This picture is the most recent that I have of me.  It was taken back in mid October 2012 at a pumpkin farm.  It was a beautiful day and I was able to wear a tank top.  Little did I know that this picture was snapped of me.  I'm kind of glad it was now though so I have an "I don't wanna look like this anymore" picture.  

So, here it is... My goal:  I want to drop 1/3 of my body weight by this time next year.  That would be about 90lbs.  I want to eat healthy meals, exercise daily, and stick to my goals all year and, hopefully, for life.  This is the year of change.  I will be a new me by the time I'm done.  I will keep moving forward.  I will stay on track.  I will not punish myself if I slip up.  I will not fully deny myself of the things that I love because, that's not fair to me.  I will succeed!  I want to be a "loser" and I will do whatever I have to to make sure that I get there!  I hope you join me on my journey and offer positive reinforcement and encouragement.  It sure is appreciated.